Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Wilderness Flow by "Thoreau"

Check it-
Anarchist, Naturalist, Civil Disobient...
I'm the HDT livin' on Walden,
Because I'm a naturalist,
some people say I'm ballin'.
In this age of technology and information overload,
I thought it best to present the students of the world,
with a bit of a transcendentalist free flow.
A continuous series of struggle has been my life,
Most of these rampages are met with delight.
They say it was my imagination,
My appreciation for the gift of creation,
My transcendentalism and intuition
that gave rise to the fruition
of the ideals of wilderness and civilization.

It's all good to reduce nature to art,
but all these philosophical tendencies, I take 'em to heart.
The real rhythm of my story ain't found in philosopher's glory,
It's just the real time experience of a walk in the park.
Before Darwin finished "on origin of species"
I was down on my knees
examining leaves
in the fall
at walden pond.
I made it my MO
take a walk, no matter rain or snow
just so I could get to know
the songs of the birds outside my window.

You will hear my words splayed out in class for all to discuss,
my postmodern view as a renaissance man makes a true literary fuss.
But just make sure you come back time and again
To listen to the age old sounds of the mountain.
Contemplate the raw materials dropped solid by an unseen quarry,
sit for a while, geology ain't in no hurry.
Life is a process of continual formation
Lose your sense of self in pondering nature's creation.

This flow, not complete, may be at least a bit "thor-eau"
Remember, my students, "in wildness is the preservation of the wo-rld"

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