Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sustainable Transportation by Hannah

Sustainable Transportation by Hannah Whitlark

Last Friday we went around town on bicycles and we were led by a nice man named Bob. It was great! Aside from me being pretty rusty on my riding skills, it was great to be able to travel through Missoula and see other parts of the town. I definitely want to make it back to take photographs of the area, it was so different than my home town. There were houses with sheep, goats, and I saw a llama! Crazy awesome sights! 

After the riding, Bob took us to this amazing bicycle shop where you go in and make your own bike out of other recycled bicycle parts! I have never heard or seen such a shop in my entire life! Bob’s enthusiasm was great and contagious. He told us how round-abouts are much safer, they are ecofriendly, and they allow for bicyclists to be more accepted on the road. I never knew that people even paid attention to things such as the width of a bicycle lane or round-abouts and stop lights. My home town it is not very bike or pedestrian friendly and the one time I did ride a bike through downtown Columbia, South Carolina I was freaked out! Here I felt very safe and comfortable, like part of the other people on the road. I definitely will be spreading the word about round abouts back home, where we rely heavily on stop lights and signs that usually get run. The Free Cycle shop had a very home-y feel with friendly staff and an open environment. I think it is great that people care so much about one topic and stick with it to make it work and be successful; Bob said this summer they had one hundred in the shop in one a day! I thought that was amazing! I know so many people back home that would fall in love with this place, it makes me wish we had a nonprofit establishment where kids could go in and make their own bike for free. Over all, this day trip was amazing and I would love to spread the word about it! 

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